A downloadable experience

DISCLAIMER: THIS EXPERIENCE WAS MADE FOR THE OCULUS QUEST (I apologize, but there was no other easy way to create this except by sideloading)

Shrimp in Vr

You load in, gun in one hand, sabre in the other

Giant shrimp in front of you with the text "strike down to begin"

You kill it

You're dropped into a void

But wait

What's that in the distance?

2 Shrimp sharing this void with you

and they want your blood.

Fend. Them. Off.

Eventually you will die.

A record of your actions in front of you and your victims encircle.

They are 


in VR.

Install instructions

Install apk on vr headset. With SideQuest, use the "install apk file from folder on computer" option, then navigate to unknown sources inside your oculus quest and you should see "shromp," now play.


SHROMP.apk 38 MB

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